Turn your Kitchen into an immediate revenue generator with a licence for Camile Thai Kitchen’s proven home delivery business

The Problem for Operators

The majority of revenue has gone and people have retreated to their homes due to the current virus outbreak.  Overheads need to be paid and there are many people out of work.

The businesses location is fading from memory as people are not going out any more.  When they do go out it will be in low numbers as social distancing is the new reality of life so demand will be greatly restricted for your core business.

The Solution

Quickly breathing life into your business with new sales.  With a licence from Camile, we can bring your kitchen back to life, with minimal capital expenditure, and get sales going for Camile’s healthy delicious brand of Thai food. We have identified high demand for our food in your area. Our core business is restaurant quality food delivered directly to your community in their homes or at the restaurant table.  This is where our expertise and experience can help.  Our delivery sales have increased +35% since social distancing was introduced as we are largely insulated from the Covid-19 storm.  With delivery sales set to increase rapidly and stay buoyant the business case is clear.

The Camile Magic

Our fully operational and Covid-19 risk proofed Central Production Unit makes all sauces and dressings for your team.  We have a bespoke online delivery platform and exclusive partnerships which allow you to supply into the local demand identified.  Highly experienced close field operations, training & support are given continuously.  A lack of complexity to produce in your kitchen, means a relatively low skilled operation.  You will be connected into our National and Local marketing fund + €1,000,000 p.a.  This is a partnership with Ireland’s largest # 1 homegrown delivery business with a quick route to market.

The Economics

We build long term relationships with our licensees and franchisees.  This happens because we have proven the model time and again over the last 10 years.  With that in mind we have created an extremely low cost and low risk entry mechanism given the times we are in.  This is to help you access the demand in your area and build a strong long term relationship with you, should we take this opportunity further together.

We have a strong, tested, uncomplicated model that we can graph onto your business.  We have exceptionally strong operations which will support you in having this new revenue stream up and running in a matter of weeks.

The Next Steps

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Our Head of Franchising – Shabu Mani [email protected] 085 8613 042

Following a detailed call or meeting we will then audit your location and kitchen.  This will give us more exact details of any kitchen changes that may be required.  If we are both happy with the outcome of this audit and the final figures we will sign off the expedited launch plan.  With our full support, you will be able to activate Camile from your location within 28 days from sign off.

Set Up Cost Estimates

Standard Camile Restaurant Camile Cloud Kitchen
Initial Fee 15,000 5,000
Kitchen Upgrades 100,000 20,000 (estimated – may be less)
Shopfit & marketing launch       150,000 10,000
Total 265,000 35,000


Example Profit & Loss *


*These figures are based on the performance of actual operating units. They are not a projection of sales for a particular kitchen, or a guarantee that any kitchen will in fact make a profit. You are advised to take independent financial and legal advice, before making a commitment to Camile.

** EBITDAR: Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation Amortisation & Rent