Camile Cookery classes are no longer on offer.

In 2017 we are ging to be finishing our cookery classes. We will be stopping these classes after March 2017. All our remaining classes are now booked out. We will be replacing them with something else. So keep an ear to the ground as we will have more information soon.
Thank you.

Who would enjoy this?

  • Novice and amateur cooks looking to prepare and cook amazing Thai food
  • Saturday night Dinner party hosts
  • Private Group bookings available
  • Corporate and Team building days


The morning starts with a visit to the Oriental Emporium beside the Camile restaurant in Phibsborough, accompanied by Alex. This venerable institution of Asian shopping, stock almost all the ingredients you will need.


Then back to Camile in Phibsborough, to Camile’s state of the art restaurant kitchen, where you will be kitted out in Chef’s whites and Trainee hat. After a brief tour of what is a busy commercial kitchen, Alex will display a range of ingredients and will go through each one and explain how to prepare it, how to store it and what can be used as a substitute.


You then prepare the vegetable, sauces and meats for your Po Pia Sot, Hot and Sour Soup, and Thai Chicken Curry. Then on to the Wok station, where you cook your meal under the supervision of Pamela and Alex, and there’s just time for a quick Photo of you cooking your meal.


You can then sit and enjoy your meal, with a glass of wine and discuss your experiences with your classmates when Alex will deal with any queries you have.

Dates, prices and locations





For more info or to book please email [email protected] or call 01 8110100