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1 day ago

wasabi peas or as we call them, "danger popcorn" 🍿 the perfect snack for sitting on the couch while you watch your partner struggle to open the takeaw...

4 days ago

Recipe drop! 🥬 Summer Rolls by Camile These are a staple of ours - incredibly fresh, and quite easy once you get the hang of it. This version is veg...

302 8
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6 days ago

Autumn may be coming, but you can fit the tastes of summer into a rice paper roll any time of year. 🥬 Camile's recipe for summer rolls dropping soon!

1 week ago

How is this plant-based! Our vegan chicken amazes us every time... 🤩 camile.ie

61 2
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1 week ago

Chef Dennis has riffed on our most popular dish in two new ways. The first version is with succulent battered-from-scratch prawns, and the second is w...

103 1
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2 weeks ago

NEW DISH DROP: CRISPY CHILLI PRAWNS BY CHEF DENNIS 🍤🍤🍤🔥🔥🔥 Goes down great with a Tiger (like most things tbh.) Get it from all stores for a limited ti...

2 weeks ago

1. Go to Howth for a locally guided adventure. 2. Enjoy a Camile by the sea. 3. Don't forget to pick up some rubbish on the beach before leaving! Sou...

2 weeks ago

Our eco-cruise was in safe hands with this legend behind the captain's wheel! We've still one event in our Free Summer Series to go - if selected, y...

3 weeks ago

Our last summer series was pretty loose on the "summer" weather, but what more can you expect in Ireland? We still had a great time learning about the...

3 weeks ago

If this picture doesn't scream FRIDAY... Thanks to @janeeatsfood!

136 1
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3 weeks ago

Date night done right. Pro tip: stir fried noodles dipped in green curry = mind bogglingly good. Photo from @thebrunchdestroyers

48 3
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3 weeks ago

Get. in. our. belly. 🤤 Plant-based feast courtesy of @theveganvirginn

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