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1 day ago

BTS of our new special with @harrysnutbutter ! We were overdue for getting a Panang on the menu, and we've been inhaling jars of Harry's during c*vid....

115 4
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4 days ago

Pour one out for the week you've had 🙏🏽 camile.ie Pictured: Chu Chee Curry w/ Tofu

5 days ago

A steamed rice island atop an ocean of curry... call my landlord, I'm moving immediately 🏝️🏝️🏝️ camile.ie

6 days ago

The weather is at its absolute best this time of year in Thailand. We can't relate. 😩 Flip on the immersion and play pretend with us tonight! Pictur...

50 1
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1 week ago

Camile's vegan range is so good, you're not giving up a thing. And by switching your meals up from time to time, you're doing a huge favour for the wo...

91 2
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1 week ago

When it comes to carbon emissions, Ireland doesn't have the best track record. But when it comes to takeaway treats, this little island is the GOAT. E...

82 2
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2 weeks ago

Tons of taste. Oodles of energy. Very few emissions. 🌎 There's no denying that eating plant-based is better for the planet. From our "vegan chicken" a...

71 3
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2 weeks ago

It ain't no crime to add some lime 💚 camile.ie

57 1
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2 weeks ago

Bless the humble chickpea 🙏🏻 chock full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein, and dang delicious too. Pictured: Vegan Chickpea Green Curry cami...

54 4
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3 weeks ago

We're starting '22 with a new focus on our sustainability goals, including a cool new feature you guys are gonna love. Watch this space! Pictured: K...

112 2
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3 weeks ago

Party's over. Don't worry, we've got a coconut curry cure for that hangover. ✨

91 1
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3 weeks ago

WOO, ANOTHER NYE IN TRACKIES 🍾 🍾 🍾 We're here for your night in. camile.ie

77 1
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