About Camile

Voted healthiest takeaway in Ireland


About Camile, Well to start, our nice chefs are hard at work creating our delicious food using amazing, natural ingredients. They love the tricky stuff like fresh galangal, delicate basil leaves and fresh chillies. Thanks to their passion and creativity, we’re able to offer you traditional delights like our classic Pad Thai as well as more interesting flavours that are only waiting to be discovered.


We only use locally grown grass fed sirloin beef, pork and lamb for our main courses reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses


We use locally grown vegetables where we can in season


All our sauces are made in-store from scratch, so you can be sure there’s no funny stuff in them

No MSG is added to our food
Low Fat | High Protein | High Unsaturated Fat Options
Each dish is prepared fresh and cooked to order


At Camile, we respect the environment. We use recycled paper & biodegradable plastic for our bags where possible. Our waste is segregated to maximise recycling & reduce landfill. We also use auto cut off switches on our Wok cookers which helps reduce water consumption by up to 40%

Camile means perfection in French


Inspired by the glamour, style, functionality and good taste of the 1930’s Asian Art Deco movement, Camile was created to bring the sophistication of French inspired Asian cooking – particularly Thai cuisine – to you, whether through our online delivery restaurants or our new seated casual restaurants.

Camile is a wholly Irish owned company, established in the teeth of the recession in 2010. Our young and enthusiastic managers, Thai chefs, packers, delivery drivers, waiters and counter staff are really trying to do the best job they can, to improve what we do and how we do it.


Camile means “perfection” in French. And that’s what we strive for in our authentic Asian cooking. Our Thai Chefs are the bedrock of what we do. Many of them trained in 5-star hotels in Thailand. They know their food - and they insist on us only using authentic fresh herbs and spices, sauces made from scratch in each outlet, the best Irish beef, lamb, pork, fresh fish - and cooked the way they were taught - each dish made fresh to order - every time.

Our pan Asian cuisine – especially our Thai – is a harmonious marriage of European and Asian cooking, blended over the centuries, into a unique fusion of distinctive flavours.