Green Curry recipe video.


Ever wanted to see how we make our famous Green curry?

Thai green curry is a classic. It is bursting with flavour and it has some fantastic ingredient like ginger, Thai galangal (a form of ginger) coconut milk, fish sauce and chilli. Not only is it healthy and packed with beneficial ingredients but it is delicious and tasty too.It is by far one of the most popular dishes in Camile Thai.

Takeaways simply don't do things like we do. Our green curry is made using only the very best ingredients and highest quality coconut milk. We using Irish vegetables and everything is cooked to order.

This video shows you how we do it. It lists the ingredients needed and how to cook this Thai classic. It is short simple and easy to follow. We want you to give this one a go because it is so tasty, healthy and easy you will just love it.

Why not show us how you got on - just post a pic of your version on our Instagram and tag us in it.

Happy cooking everyone and don't worry, If it doesn't work out you can always have us deliver a fresh one and take the credit for it ; )