Low Calorie menu. 6 Dishes Under 600 Calories


At Camile, we love food that is tasty, low calorie and healthy. You will find varied options on our menu and if you want to have a great meal without worrying about the calories we have you covered.

We know that many of our customers want to monitor their calorie intake and as a result, we decided to create a menu of 6 delicious dishes all under 600 calories.

Not only this, but all of our dishes are described with their ingredients and also with their calorie counts. That way you know what you are eating and the number of calories you are consuming.

Our 6 highlighted dishes are:

  • Chu Chee beef curry with stir-fried Asian greens (514 calories),

  • Pad king prawn with shredded kale side salad (461 calories),

  • Ramen chicken noodle soup (539 calories),

  • Mince turkey and kale slaw salad (564 calories),

  • Tom Yam Goong soup (199 calories),

  • And a Thai beef salad (249 calories).

Depending on the side that you choose to have with your main, many of our other dishes can also be low-calorie dishes. Whichever you choose, we've lowered the calories, not the taste! You can click on our online menu for more information on the calories in our dishes.


Thanks and happy eating.