Our Journey


Camile Thai was born out of the search for something new and the desire to break the mould of the ‘traditional takeaway’ by delivering fresh , restaurant-quality Thai food straight to your door.

We began our journey with humble beginnings, opening our first restaurant close to the heart of Dublin, Dolphin’s Barn, in 2010. Serving a relatively small area, we focused on our high quality food and diverse menu, preparing all of our sauces from scratch and using unique and exotic ingredients such as Thai ginger and basil. Our refreshing approach to home delivery food proved to be a hit, and thanks to the help of our fresh Irish ingredients and delicious Thai recipes we soon expanded throughout Dublin, and with a branch in Limerick. The introduction of the Village restaurant in Phibsboro marked the first full-service Camile experience. We are even beginning to expand internationally with our branches across London, with plans to expand even more in 2018.

Keeping things fresh and interesting is important to us - in both our ingredients and dishes - so we work in partnership with special guest chefs to create unique, Thai-inspired dishes! From GAA player Joe Canning to food to this months fitness blogger Holly White, we draw inspiration from brilliant and healthy people, which is reflected in the food and service we provide.

We believe in positive change as we grow, and we know how important it is to be both ethical and up-to-date with guests dietary choices, and so last year we created a special Vegan menu, cooked using separate, meat-free woks, oil and utensils which are only ever used for preparing Vegan dishes.

As a small business your focus is very much on making ends meet but as you grow you owe more responsibility to the community and also the planet. Environmental and sustainable development has become at the heart of everything we are working on now. We have always have been proud to use local suppliers such as Musgraves, Ready chef, Robinsons meats and Kish Fish but we have also begun to make technological improvements to our operation such as water-regulating wok cookers in an effort to keep our environmental impact as low as possible, however we know we are not there yet, and we are currently looking into more Eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging solutions.

Our approach is simple. Our expert Thai chefs create restaurant-quality Thai food using fresh, natural ingredients to be brought right to your door. No grease, no guilt, just delicious, healthy food.