Why we're pledging to SCOOP Foundation for our 2022 Christmas Special


As the festive season begins, we've recently announced details of our all-new Christmas Special - Camile Fried Chicken with spicy maple dip! Tender chicken pieces marinated in soy and mild green curry flavours - deep fried for a next level crispy crust and all served with a sensational side of thick Maple Jang sauce; Camile Fried Chicken is the perfect festive snack, and we hope you all love it! The best part of this dish, however, is the purpose behind it. We wanted to be sure we made a dish that gave back to our community in a meaningful way, and when we discovered SCOOP Foundation, we knew this was the perfect fit.

With the aim of offering free kitchen training and support to those exiting homelessness or those most at risk of becoming homeless, their special pilot programme is set to launch in 2023. Working in partnership with Focus Ireland, SCOOP Kitchen Training Programme participants will have the opportunity to access free expert skills and training that will improve their employability, kickstarting a potentially life-changing career in hospitality.

We will donate €1 from every Christmas Special sold to the SCOOP Foundation for the development of The SCOOP Kitchen Training Pilot Programme.

Food plays such an important role in the development of strong and inclusive communities, so we’re always experimenting with new flavours that will bring people together. With this year’s Christmas Special, we’re inviting customers to enjoy our new dish, while also giving them the chance to help those most in need.

As Ireland’s homelessness crisis continues to worsen, with our colleagues in the hospitality industry facing ongoing recruitment challenges, we’re delighted to be supporting the work of SCOOP Foundation through our donation to the development of The SCOOP Kitchen programme. With the aim of stimulating employment opportunities for those most vulnerable within our society, this special training programme will establish constructive relationships and deliver potentially life-changing skills that will help those impacted by homelessness pursue a career in the hospitality sector.

SCOOP Foundation's Andy Sweeney puts it best: “As financial instability continues to widen the gaps in our society, with many more falling into homelessness as a result, along with our partners in Focus Ireland and through the SCOOP Kitchen Training Programme we aim to provide free kitchen training to help those most at risk secure employment.

“We’re delighted with this commitment from Camile Thai, which will support us with the development of this important programme, as we work to provide tangible solutions to those on the margins of our society. With a shared vision to support the development of sustainable, inclusive and empowered communities, we hope initiatives like this one from Camile will create some much needed awareness around the issue across Ireland, while also generating further support for The SCOOP Kitchen.”

Thank you for the support, and we hope you love this dish!

For more information, head to https://scoopfoundation.org/. And don't forget to try the dish - it's delicious with a difference.

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