Camile can cater for several events such as Christmas Catering, Communions, Birthday party catering and Corporate event catering. We will set up and deliver your food and we will even come over and clean up and collect the trays the next day.

How to do hassle-free catering

  1. Call in and try some of our dishes, and then select by arrangement with our manager.
  2. Email [email protected], Phone 0818 333 029 (office hours) or contact your local branch to arrange a booking.
  3. Food is delivered at a time convenient to you hot and ready to serve in professional chef tureens (warm for up to 2 hours).
  4. Enjoy the food.
Image of Camile starters spring rolls and chicken skewers from Camile Catering

Finger Food

From €6 per person.

Camile can provide you with a tailored range of canapés and finger foods, served hot and cold from as little as €6 per person.

Image of Massaman curry with chicken and vegetables from Camile Catering

Party Pots

From €7 per person.

Party Pots are a brilliant little innovation for an informal party or supper. You choose from our range of delicious Thai curries and stir-fries. We will deliver the food hot in professional chef tureens with burners. You will thus be able to serve the food yourself into our disposable curry pots, which we provide free of charge. Serving the food yourself is a fun way to spend a great night with your guests. Plus, there is no washing up to do. We do the hard work. You take the credit! (Party pots are half portions of food)

Image of Camile Duck stir fry, from Camile catering

Full Main Courses

From €10 per person. (min order 10 people)

Further to our “Party Pots”, Camile can also provide full main course portions of food. Here we would supply two dishes, namely a curry and a stir-fry, served in professional tureens. We will also supply rice as part of this service. You can then serve the food on your own plates to create a more formal setting. They will be delivered to your home or office and served in our professional chef tureens with burners. The minimum order is for ten people.

Image of Camile bar service available as part of Camile catering

Bar service from Gilbert & Wright’s

From €15 per person.

Camile has teamed up with Gilbert & Wright’s to also offer a bar service for your event. This service costs from €15 per per- son. As part of this addition to our catering activity, you will receive a number of craft beers and cocktails that will be served at your event. This service also comes with your trained barman, who will take care of all your needs.

Catering Menu

Finger Foods

Hoi Sin Duck Spring Rolls Duck breast, marinated in Hoi Sin sauce, hand wrapped with Noodles, Shredded Carrot, served with homemade Plum Sauce.

Vegetable Spring Rolls With Noodles and Shredded Carrot, served with homemade Plum Sauce

Char Grilled Chicken Skewers Marinated tender Chicken Skewers with Peanut Satay sauce

Hot Chicken Wings Golden Fried Chicken Wings fried in Savoury Crumbs, served with our special Siriyacha based extremely hot sauce

Po Pia Sot Salmon Crunchy Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with Poached Irish Salmon, Baby Lettuce Leaves, Fresh Mint, Beansprouts, Pick- led Ginger and a hint of Wasabi Mayonnaise, served cold with Sweet Chilli dipping sauce SIGNATURE DISH

Po Pia Sot Teryaki Chicken With Mixed leaves,pickled Ginger, Cucumber julienne and a dash of our own Teryaki Mayonnaise, served cold with Sweet Chilli dipping sauce

Mini Crispy Peking Duck Pancakes with Hoi Sin sauce (cold) Crispy duck pancake with finely sliced spring onion & cucumber in honey Hoi Sin sauce

Stir Fries

Available as party pots or full main courses.

Crispy Chilli - Chicken or Irish Beef Sirloin NEW! Lightly Battered Pieces of Chicken Fillet or Irish Sirloin strips, Stir Fried with Vegetables in a mildly spicy Sweet Chilli Sauce SIGNATURE DISH

Ginger & Thai Mushroom - Pad King With Ginger and Thai Mushroom, Asian Greens, Classic Thai Seasoning Sauce and Spring Onions (choice of Chicken Breast, Irish Sirloin Beef, King Prawn, Duck or Tofu)

Chilli, Cashew Nut and Spring Onion - Pad Prik Haeng With Fried Chilli, Cashew Nuts and Spring Onion in Soya Sauce with White Pepper (choice of Chicken Breast, Irish Sirloin, Beef, King Prawn, Duck or Tofu)

Chilli and Holy Basil - Pad Krapow With Chilli,Fine Beans, Spring Onion and Fresh Sweet Basil(choice of Chicken Breast, Irish Sirloin, Beef, King Prawn, Duck or Tofu)

Mekong Stir Fried Duck Breast With Chilli, Spring Onion, Asian Greens, Beansprouts, Cherry Tomato, Lime Leaves, and Fresh Sweet Basil


Prawn Crackers with Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce

Sticky Roast Honey & Chilli Cashew or Peanuts

Dried Wasabi Peas

Edamame (Soy Beans served in the pod)

Camile Curries

Available as party pots or full main courses.

Choose from Chicken Breast, Irish Sirloin Steak, Tiger Prawns or Tofu.

Massaman Mild and Rich Curry with Potato, Onion and Crispy Shallots SIGNATURE DISH

Green With Green Beans, Onion, Red Chilli and Fresh Sweet Basil. Camile’s take on this classic Thai curry is one our customers’ favourites

Red With Green Beans, Squash, Onion and Red Chilli

Chiang Mai Medium Spiced Curry flavoured with Fresh Pickled Gin- ger and Fresh Turmeric

Chu Chee Our Hottest Curry. If you think you are tough enough! Fiery Hot Fried Red Curry with Cucumber, Onion, Fine Beans, Lime Leaves and Hot Red Chillis.