An interview with our new chef special creator, superchef Nachi.

We are delighted to bring you our latest chef special. A delicious sweet and sour fresh salmon with stir-fried vegetables.
This time our very own chef Nachi has developed the dish. We caught up with Nachi for a chat about food, healthy lifestyle and Taekwondo. Continue reading…

Thai style turkey and cranberry special for a limited time

A very seasonal special at Camile Thai. 

Camile Thai are delighted to present to you our brand new exclusive and limited edition Christmas main course.
We are feeling very festive and as a result, we have come up with a delicious new stir-fry dish for you to enjoy this holiday season.

We thought to ourselves how could we create something with just a hint of Christmas but all the while retaining a Thai food feel? Well, we started thinking about the ingredients and what would work best together. We knew that turkey and cranberry sauce worked well together so we thought about how delicious it might be to use fresh, whole, ripe cranberries. The result….. AMAZING.
Using fresh cranberries gave us the beautiful flavour of ever so slightly acidic but yet distinctively sweet fruit and when combined with succulent minced turkey breast resulted in a taste explosion.
We then added fresh stir-fried vegetables, delicious sweet potato and tied it all together with our special Camile Thai seasoning sauce and your choice of rice or a kale slaw salad.

So for a turkey dish with a difference this Christmas, give it a try.
Order now as this dish is only available for a limited time and priced at €12.95

Camile Thai turkey and cranberry stir fry special on a black plate ith chopsticks

Turkey and cranberry stir fry special

Finn – Why she chose to create her dish for Camile Thai. In her own words

Whats going on?
So if you’re a Dublin living human, or indeed Limerick, you may have noticed my face, looming at a much higher height then usual, in all the lovely Camile Thai restaurants and carry outs.
I teamed up with the folks at Camile to create a dish for their menu inspired by some of my favourite flavours and ingredients.

The Dish?
One of the things I love about Camile, beyond just my general obsession with Massaman curry, is the notion that a takeaway can be healthy. So much of our fast (or in this case I also just mean quick) food culture is taken up with food that does absolutely nothing for our bodies and just blasts them with an overload of sugar, salt, fat and a dose of MSG for good measure.
So its really awesome that the chefs at Camile are whipping up good food in literally minutes. Continue reading…

Scarily Spicy Crimson Curry at Camile Thai

Can you handle the heat of the Scarily Spicy Crimson Curry? Try it if you dare.
Warning this curry is probably the hottest curry in the country (We are not even kidding)

For Halloween, we wanted to do something a little bit special. We thought let’s make a curry so hot it should come with a health warning. So that is exactly what we did.  Continue reading…

Finn Ní Fhaolain on healthy living and healthy eating.

Camile Thai interviewed with the best selling author, blogger, surfer, coeliac and all-round cool and interesting person – Finn Ní Fhaolain.

On your blog as in life, we can see that you love the sea, can you tell us what it is that you love so much? Do you have the same feeling wherever you are in the sea or is it different when you’re home in Ireland? 

I’ve lived by the sea ever since I was little and it’s always been a massive part of my life, from recreation – beach days rain or shine with my parents and friends, to sports – surfing, suping, sailing, swimming or even just running on the beach and even just for a good state of mind, be that a quiet walk by the sea or a quick plunge in the cold salt water. For me, it’s everything, food, the subject I studied in college, my adrenaline and also my calm. Life at sea vs living by the seaside is quite different. I love working on ships, but technically you’re not generally allowed in the water (so I actually spend more time in the gym in those weeks!) so the freedom I find there is not seeing land for a few weeks, it might also sound a bit mad but not being connected to land and for the most part your normal day to day (and often the internet!) is a wonderful way to touch base with your brain and not get distracted. I find I’m either focused on the work I’m doing or in my down time my brain is flooding with ideas for when I come home. I came up with the concept for the blog while I at sea and also the idea for an exciting venture next year this summer while in the Atlantic this summer. Continue reading…

Mekong duck stir fry recipe

Learn to make the classic Mekong duck stir fry.

In this step by step video, we will show you how to recreate this delicious Mekong duck stir fry. It’s quick and easy and we are sure you will love it.

All you need to make the Mekong stir fry is the following: Continue reading…

Low Calorie menu. 6 Dishes Under 600 Calories

Chu chee beef curry image

At Camile, we love food that is tasty, low calorie and healthy. You will find varied options on our menu and if you want to have a great meal without worrying about the calories we have you covered.
We know that many of our customers want to monitor their calorie intake and as a result, we decided to create a menu of 6 delicious dishes all under 600 calories.
Not only this, but all of our dishes are described with their ingredients and also with their calorie counts. That way you know what you are eating and the number of calories you are consuming. Continue reading…

Camile franchise owner Joe Canning stars for Galway in All Ireland hurling final next Sunday

Camile staff, franchise owners and customers from all over Ireland, will be cheering on the Galway team and especially their star player Joe Canning, as he and his team mates take on the resurgent Waterford in Sundays All Ireland thriller.
Joe – who with his partners runs the successful Camile franchise in Limerick, is considered one of the modern greats of the game. He and his partners are currently seeking sites for additional Camile restaurants in Galway and Sligo.
Camile Thai Kitchen are seeking to add to their five existing franchises (and 12 company owned restaurants) in Ireland, by recruiting new franchise partners for opportunities all over the country. The market for home delivered hot food is exploding in urban areas around the world – as companies like Deliveroo and Just Eat make it ever easier for customers to order. “We are particularly interested in larger areas outside Dublin like Cork, Waterford and Belfast – as well as Drogheda, Dundalk, Kilkenny and Wexford where we know there is a high demand for our healthy Thai food offering,” said Daniel Greene, marketing manager of Camile.
“Camile’s proposition is simple. Bring healthy delicious restaurant quality Thai food to guests in their own homes, using the logistics of a Pizza delivery business to get it there within 30 minutes of ordering – and we manage that on average 87% of the time” he said.
Camile are taking part in the Irish Franchise Exhibition in the RDS on 8 / 9  September. Over 80 exhibitors bring a variety of franchise opportunities to potential business owners from all over the Island of Ireland.

Camile franchise owner to open second restaurant in Swords


When Pramod Thankappan joined Camile Thai as a manager in 2011 little did he know he would be starting down a path that would lead to him being right in the middle of the booming hot food delivery market. With significant management experience in the food industry behind him he quickly established himself as the group operations manager of the fast-growing business. Seeing how the operation worked first hand made Pramod aware of how successful operating a franchise could work.

In 2013 Pramod secured the funding he needed to open his first Camile franchise in the Omni park in Santry and now is almost ready to open his second branch in Swords.

Talking about his history with the company Pramod said; ‘From my first few weeks working with Camile I knew it was a different business from the ones I had worked with before. It was offering the Irish market something it had been missing and I saw the potential there. When I was offered the chance to open my own franchise I didn’t hesitate and I’m proud to be opening my second in Swords later this year’

The benefits of being part of this rapidly growing industry is something that Pramod has become abundantly aware of ‘When I started I saw it as a business model that thrived in the Dublin market, the more I’ve seen this market develop the more you can see people’s attitude to food is changing worldwide. More traditional restaurants are giving way more and more to fast casual and delivery restaurants and it’s an exciting market to be a part of’

As well as operating his own business Pramod also currently operates as Camile’s Franchise manager liaising with other franchisees on behalf of the business. As a franchise owner and previous operations manager this puts him in a unique position of understanding both sides making him perfect for the role. On balancing both jobs he said; ‘Compared to the company role having my own business has a different set of demands but there is a different sort of freedom and having your future in your hand that I thrive in.’




Joe Canning and Camile Thai are on to a winner.

Joe Canning pictured with his dish for Camile Thai

GAA hurling all star Joe Canning and Camile Thai have teamed up to bring you a sensational new limited edition special.

Being one of the country’s top athletes, Joe takes health and nutrition very seriously. He has hand picked these ingredients for their nutritional benefits. This truly is food for athletes.

The dish is a delicious chicken stir fry accompanied by broccoli, red peppers, chilli, edamame beans and cashew nuts. The dish is then sweetened ever so slightly with tasty sweet potatoes. All these wonderful ingredients are then wok-fried in our Thai seasoning sauce. All this and only 486 calories too!

Here are some of the headline stats about the dish:
486 Cals
36% Carbs
35.4% Protein
28% Fat

This dish only available for a limited time so try it while you can.
Priced at €12.95.
So make sure to try it today and let us know what you think. ORDER HERE 

Joe canning stir fry with nutritional breakdown

Camile Thai and Joe Canning Stir fry

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